FreeSiege is a project that aim to port the Siege game from Fallen Angels industries. This is a great game (I played long hours on it) but sadly it isn't available under Linux since it was developped by commercial company. Sources from the orginal games aren't available. FreeSiege will strive to become a great reimplementation of a great game.


Techinically speaking, I choose to write the source in C++ since me and the contributors on this project have a common knownledge of this language. Core game should take part of the c++ stl library.
For the graphical part of the application, we chose the game library SDL. After playing around a bit with this library, we found that its graphical aspect fits well the intended artistical expectation. Old school pixelised graphics are rendered nicely with this library.
Since those two libraries are available under Windows and Macos platform, future ports of the game under those platform should be quite easy.


Game experience should provide a intense 2D tetris-like war game experience with a strategic game flavour. It allows one player vs computer and two players games. The interface can be split into two part:

Freesiege intents to provide an intense strategic-board game experience.


To play the game, you can either download the latest release or checkout the git repository for the latest update. To checkout the repository type the following command:

git clone

Once you retrieve the sources, you simply need to update it to keep in touch with the lastest update. You can do this by typing this command on the module directory:

git pull

To build the binaries, go into the sources folder and run the following commands:

cmake . && make

If it doesn't work check if the SDL and SDL_mixer libraries are installed with development files available.

You will obtain two binaries:

The game itself. The game is playable for 1 or 2 players and units are described below. Default keys are described below.
Demo binary. Demonstrate background animation and test fight.

State of developement

The game is working quite well. It was only tested under GNU/Linux. There is no tangible restriction for porting under other platforms such as Windows or Mac OS but time and interest are missing.

If you feel like helping use by providing a binary version for any OS, or a package for a specific distribution, please contact us.

Default keys

Player 1Player 2
Move leftLeftS
Move rightRightF
Move upUpE
Move downDownD

Units and patterns

Units are described below. To find out their patterns, please use the "Patterns" menu entry.
soldier Basic unit, fight opponents when they touch them. Deal a small amount of damage when reaching oppenent castle.
knight This unit can be blocked only by a golem or a veteran. Therefore it is the best solution to damage the other player and wound small ground unit. It is quite fast so it can avoid druid's cannon ball.
veteran This unit block other units. This is a good way of pushing the front near the enemy castle, for instance for protecting a ram.
ram Very slow and weak unit, but it deals a big amoung of damage to the opposite castle. This unit is the one dealing the most damages
plant this is a defense unit, staying in front of your castle and blocking almost every one.
druid The druid is a big cannon mounted on your castle. When activated it shoot three round of explosive cannon ball. When those ball reaches the ground they explode dealing a large amount of damage to the neighboring units. However if the ball touches an unit before touching the ground, it doesnt explode and kill instantely. Since it was invented by a mad scientist it is not very precise and cannon balls damage both player's units. Use with caution!!
golem Very powerfull unit, but very slow too. It doesn't deal a big amoung of damage to the opposite castle but it block every unit that fight with him. When he die, an explosion take place due to the fall of his huge on the battlefield. It is the strongest defense unit in freesiege.
dragon Very powerfull unit, it flies overs enemies. The only way to stop it is using the druid.
marion This is not a unit, it just spawns a lot of flying flowers over the enemy screen to distract him.


Recent screenshots

screenshot screenshot

The last version

Old screenshots

screenshot screenshot

We were still using non-free datas

Beta screenshots

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Really old screenshots